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About us

InfoWise Systems Limited is a limited liability company, registered in Tanzania with the registrar of companies under companies registration act (CAP 212) in 2009. It was initially registered under business name registration act (Cap 213) in 2007 as InfoWise Consulting. We strive to deliver our information systems expertise and products to our vicinity and beyond.


Our experience and expertise is focused on following technologies/languages/tools:

  • System development and integration using Java (server-side, web-based, desktop, mobile) and front-end development using Javascript frameworks
  • Databases design, development and support using MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration using ESRI and open-source products
  • Integrating mobile money systems, financial systems, credit card authorization and processing into web and business systems


Providing high quality, affordable and localized software solutions to enable wide range of organizations to take advantage of information resources to increase growth, efficiency and performance.

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Knowledge