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Information Systems Sustainability

In addition to building systems (development and integration), InfoWise ensure that the systems developed are built to be sustainable and properly sustained, either by advising the the client the right resources (information/data, human resources and infrastructure) needed to sustain the system delivered system or by providing services support the system delivered so that organization can focus better on their core activities.

Thus InfoWise offers:

Information Systems Support and Maintenance

We understand the delivered system is the beginning of the life of the system. The nascent system needs to be nurtured in its humble initial steps and end-users need a guaranteed support as they assimilate the changes brought about the new system. Additionally as system usage grows the requirements happen to evolve, new requirements arise (e.g. new regulations, organizational structures and new business opportunities) and information system needs to be updated to meet the changing landscape in which it is being used. Thus InfoWise provide services to maintain its product relevant, by updating them when they are needed and fixing any misconceptions that may be discovered late during operational life of the system. In some cases, the systems need to be reinstalled into new servers when the initial servers get old or utilized beyond their initial capacity that could be originally afforded. InfoWise offers services to these support and maintenance services to her client, in meeting their operational challenges of start using new system and continue using the system for many years in a changing business landscape.

Hosting Services

InfoWise has an environment which can enable your application users to access your application securely and reliably, wherever they are, 24 X 7, across the globe. You can host your application in our infrastructure (that we have developed) so that you can allow your workforce focus on key challenges that matter most. We optionally provide hosting with server redundancy (online backup server synchronization) which ensure that your data are safe in case of a disaster at main server, as well as offline periodic and automated backup. The environment is flexible, enabling installation of needed components, expanding of resources allocated, for your system which guarantees future growth in system usage to match your envisaged future business growth.